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Orix Sports Club

To provide children with equal access to a great sports experience

Who We Are

Orix Sports Club is a community based non-profit organization committed to providing year round sports programs for children ages 5-18 in the Greater Vancouver region. The program has a special focus on visible minority youth and newcomers to Canada. Orix offers sports opportunities for recreational to advanced skills level participants. Whenever necessary Orix ensures that children are provided the opportunity to participate at a reduced or no cost, provided with equipment and have a great experience. The main focus of our program is to provide an opportunity for children to have a fun experience, acquire confidence and leadership skills and meet new friends in a safe, accessible and inclusive environment. Our goal is not just to develop better athletes but to develop better human beings for our community..

ORIX SPORTS Club believes that every child should have equal access to a great sports experience.

Why Sports

Being active in sports sets youth up with healthy habits for life and has a positive effect on mental health and well being. Orix Sports Club believes that youth who play sports learn about teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills.

Help Us Do More

ORIX SPORTS CLUB is a non-profit organization committed to providing children with year round sports opportunities and ensuring they have equal access to a great sports experience. Our Programs are funded in part by your generous donations and sponsorship from the community. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.